About me

Hello there, I'm Javier Rincon
Lean Product & Growth Leader, Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor

Previously CEO @Proudsugar, BI Consultant @Oracle, Deal Flow Manager @Keiretsu Angels, Founder @Onebiuti, Founder @Lowffer

+10 years helping high-growth startups like: Plug.dj, Open.me (acquired by Threadless), Pluto (acquired by Viacom), Moviepilot (acquired Webedia).

Why Lean, Product and Growth?

Ban Ki-Moon said, that "Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all."

I firmly believe that the intersection of all 3 is the answer to that achieving just that:

  • Lean is the most effective systems methodology to achieve the highest impact in the shortest amount of time with the current resources.
  • Products that improve people's lives are the most effective way to rapidly and massively change the world for the better, in the short lifespan we have.
  • Growth is the only systematic way for individuals, societies or products to develop into a better version of themselves, in order benefit globally and provide everybody with a life well living.

Professional History
I currently run bootcamps, consult and help early-stage startups execute Customer Development and Running Lean, as well as help high-growth startups reach Product-Market Fit.

Previously I ran Product Growth and CRO Agency for +6 years, Proudsugar. Helping high-growth startups like Open.me (acq. by Threadless), Pluto.tv (acq. by Viacom), Moviepilot (acq. by Webedia). I had a concise stay at Wunderlist (acq. by Microsoft). I advised startups and helped raise money at Keiretsu Angel Investors. I ran an online pharmacy, OneBiuti, out of University. I was a Business Intelligence Analyst at Oracle. And I founded a social offers company, Lowffer.

Personal Background
I have a MEng in Engineering Systems out of Loughborough University. I'm an avid learner and passionate about playing guitar and piano, storytelling in film and comics, war strategy and the history of empires. Most winters you'll find me working out of Thailand!