Lean Innovation Sprints

Our Sprints will help your team model and validate any business hypotheses with the market. It compresses potentially months of work into 3 weeks. The innovation sprint looks like this:

Innovation Sprint

The Lean Innovation Sprint has 2 phases:


Understand, ideate and prioritize

We’ll start by exploring your current business model, prototyping new ideas, and evaluating them. Then we’ll identify and prioritize the riskiest assumptions that need to be validated.

The initial modelling phase lasts 3 days and is filled with full-day workshops.


Create tests and learn

We’ll start by formulating experiments for the top hypotheses. Then build, measure and learn from minimum viable experiments that will validate/invalidate part of your model’s desirability, feasibility and viability.

The testing phase lasts 2 weeks and will have as many experiments as possible. There’s 3 weekly meetings: Monday (validate action plan), Wednesday (status follow-up), Friday (present results).


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