Training Workshops

Our Training Workshops will provide you with practical and in-depth knowledge of the Lean Innovation methodology. By combining theory, case studies and hands-on exercises you’ll quickly become fluent in how to systematically search, launch and improve business models within your company:

After the workshop you’ll get the process, tools and language to:

  • Map your business model and value proposition
  • Understand fit between customer needs and your products/services
  • Prototype improved models and evaluate against best practices
  • Understand your business environment and competition
  • Build traction and invest money in phases to reduce the risk of failure
  • Test hypotheses with minimum viable experiments
  • Develop clear customer understanding & build great propositions

There’s 3 Learning Workshops to choose from that range from 0.5-2 days:

Basic Learning
Advanced learning

Get an overview (0.5d)

Choose this to get a taste of what Lean Innovation can do for you and try it out yourself.

In just 0.5 day, you’ll get an overview of the full Lean Innovation process with a few exercises and case studies.


Understand it all (2-3d)

Choose this to understand the deeper mechanics of Lean Innovation and to be able to put it in full action within your company.

In 2 days, you’ll get an advanced understanding and be able to cover over 12 case studies and exercises.


DeepDive Learning

Focus on 1 topic (1-2d)

Choose this to consolidate yourself as an expert in any of the 6 areas & solve operational pending questions.

For any topic shown in the below workshops, you’ll spend 1 day to become an expert with dozens of case studies and exercises.


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